Laser Scales


Laserscale easily achieves measurement and control by ultra high resolution less than 1nm.

Sinusoidal wave of approx.138nm signal period is generated by a hologram scale with high diffraction efficiency and a high resolution detecting head based on grating interference method, strong against disturbance by air pressure or current, plus easy to install (BS series).


High-accuracy, reflective Laserscale with signal wavelength of 250nm Ideal for low-profile stages, semiconductor back-end processing equipment and precision microscopes

Signal wavelength : 250nm

High accuracy : ±1μm/420n

High response speed : 700mm/s

Maximum resolution :0.03125nm

Available :with/without reference point

Completely non-contact design Return error is theoretically eliminated.

Scale :Blue plate glass/Low expansion glass

Thin head with thickness of 12mm

Supporting various resolutions and output modes(Depending on the interpolator connected.)

Special non-magnetic and vacuum-compatible models available


# Specifications Specifications
1 Model BH25-RE / BH25-NE
2 Measuring length : L(mm) 30/70/120/170/220/270/320/370/420(Low expansion glass, Blue plate glass)
3 Overall length Measuring length+26mm
4 Max. travel length Measuring length+10mm
5 Accuracy(at 20℃) ±0.5μm(30mm-170mm) ±1.0μm(220mm-420mm)
6 Grating pitch 1.0μm
7 Signal pitch 250nm
8 Light source Semiconductor laser Wavelength 790nm Max. output6mW