Laser Scales


Laserscale easily achieves measurement and control by ultra high resolution less than 1nm.

Sinusoidal wave of approx.138nm signal period is generated by a hologram scale with high diffraction efficiency and a high resolution detecting head based on grating interference method, strong against disturbance by air pressure or current, plus easy to install (BS series).


Interpolator for A/B quadrature of 4.3nm to 34.5nm

High resolution: 4.3 to 34.5nm (depends on the number of splits)

High response speed: 400mm/s

DC offset, gain, phase automatic conditioning

32 bit binary output by data request input (T14, T16, T17)


# Specifications Specifications
1 Model BD95-T13 / BD95-T14
2 Pitch compensation function AB quadrature 1 only A round-off error of 1 resolution occurs.
3 Power supply DC+24V±1V
4 Consumption current(When scale is connected) 400mA(max.)
5 Operating temperature 0~50℃
6 Storage temperature -10~60℃
7 Dimensions 172(W)×144(D)×32(H)mm
8 Mass Approx. 0.8kg