Laser Scales


Laserscale easily achieves measurement and control by ultra high resolution less than 1nm.

Sinusoidal wave of approx.138nm signal period is generated by a hologram scale with high diffraction efficiency and a high resolution detecting head based on grating interference method, strong against disturbance by air pressure or current, plus easy to install (BS series).


High accuracy LASERSCALE with built-in optical zero point

Signal wavelength of 138nm

High accuracy, high resolution laser scale :Accuracy : L < 460 : (0.1+0.4L / 100) μm p-p(L=measuring length in mm)

Resolution :0.07nm

High accuracy optical reference point :± 0.1 μm

Measuring length :160 mm to 960 mm / 6.29" to 37.79

Easy installation

Little affected by disturbed air and changing atmospheric pressure.


# Specifications Specifications
1 Measuring length : L(mm) 160/260/360/460/560/660/760/860/960
2 Overall length Measuring length+36mm
3 Max. travel length Measuring length+10mm(on each side5mm)
4 Accuracy(at 20℃) L<460:(0.1+0.4L/100)μmp-p L≧460:3μmp-p L:Measuring length(mm)
5 Grating pitch Approx. 0.55μm
6 Signal pitch Approx. 0.138μm
7 Reference point accuracy ±0.1μm
8 Reference point At the center