DRO's linear Scales

SL 110 / 130


  • Magnetic principle
  • Excellent resistance to workshop conditions (PL20B equivalent to IP67).Resistant to oil,dirt,vibration,and shock.
  • Resolution : 10am
  • Max.response speed: 300 m/ min(varies with the read and settings)
  • Available in lengths up to 30 m (SL 130)
  • High cost efficiency.Easy installation on all types of machines from wood working to metal cutting.
  • An optical encoder
  • Accuracy :(50+10L/1000)μm(SL100),(50+10L/1000+20N)μm(SL130)N:1,2,3
  • Measuring length(L)200 to 2000mm(SL110),200 to 30000mm(SL130)
  • High resolution:1°/1000, 1°/10000
  • Compact, easy to mount design .
  • Built-in zero point.
  • Battery backup
  • A/B phase and Z output
  • High response speed
  • Noncontact reading
  • Can be directly mounted to the rotary shaft
  • Protective design grade: equivalent to IP64
  • Major applications: Rotary shaft control for equipment such as horizontal machining centers, NC grinding machines, axis control for index tables
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