RollMill Application

RollMill Application

The system designed by Sony uses a reading head - the HA705-LK which is waterproof, heavily shielded and has low impedance windings. This and the MD50 detector unit give a combination which has a rating of 100 metres per minute speed response and a maximum cable length between reading head and detector of 150 metres.

In recent years, adaptations of the Sony rolling mill measuring system have evolved by several system integrators, for use in their own designed rolling mill capsules and control systems. These designs do vary between manufacturer, but in the main use a product combination of the MSS976R, HA705LK and MD20A (detector card) or the SR721SP-8001 (MSS975R scale rod with HA721SP-901 read head assembly and a 5.5 metre metal braided cable, although a 10 metre version is available by special order) plus the MD20A detector card.

The "capsules" supplied by some suppliers use the SR721SP-8001 scale system with an MD20A detector. This combination gives a speed response of up to 60 metres per minute and cable lengths between reading head and detector should not exceed 30 metres. The HA721SP (part of SR721SP) also has the marking of MSH706 stamped on side of the read head.

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Sony MD50 (Rolling Mill System Brochure)

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Sony Digital Transducer ( For Rolling Mill)

For digital transducer position measurement in a rolling mill environment, the Sony system has been highly regarded as a proven and reliable system, over many years. The Sony measurement system for rolling mill plant comprises these main elements:


Rod chuck for fixing the MSS976R scale in place.


Linear Magnescale rod with travels of 200mm to 600mm with +/- 3µm accuracy.


Low impedance, waterproof head assembly with shielded cable and connector. The head assembly is supplied in different cable lengths and the connector is optional.


Head connection cables are available for connecting between the HA705LK and the 2 or 4 axis MD50 detector unit. Cable extension lengths from 30 to 150 metres are available.


The MD50 is available as a 2 or 4 axis detector unit intended for indoor use (as part of the users 19" rack type, control system). The MD50 detector receives scale signal from the magnescale rod & head and determines the movement direction of the scale rod and emits a pulse signal according to the amount of actual movement. Each axis is independent of the other and is set (calibrated) separately. Also included is an independent display function for alarm using digital and anlogue system. The MD50-xN replaces the earlier MSD-560 detector unit..