Laser Scales


Laserscale easily achieves measurement and control by ultra high resolution less than 1nm.

Sinusoidal wave of approx.138nm signal period is generated by a hologram scale with high diffraction efficiency and a high resolution detecting head based on grating interference method, strong against disturbance by air pressure or current, plus easy to install (BS series).


Compact, reflective rotary Laserscale featuring high accuracy, high resolution and high response speed. Ideal for high-resolution angle measuring in HDD manufacturing equipment, precision measuring instruments, and aspheric surface processing machines.

Signal wavelength : 250nm

High.speed response : 1,500mm/s (When using analog output), 700mm/s(When using interpolator BD96) 160 min-1 (when using r=41mm scale) 555 min-1(when using r=12mm scale)

Maximum resolution : 4,294,967,296 pulses/rotation(when using r=41mm scale, divisions=4,096) 3.017 x 10-4 sec (when using r=41mm scale) 1.46nrad (when using r=41mm scale)

Available with/without reference point

Thin head with thickness of 12mm

Interpolators with various resolutions and output modes available

Special nonmagnetic and vacuum-compatible models available


# Specifications Specifications
1 Model BH20-RED / BH20-NED
2 Overall length(rotation) -
3 Accuracy(at 20℃) -
4 Grating pitch 1.0μm
5 Signal pitch 250nm
6 Light source Semiconductor laser Wavelength 790nm Max.output6mW
7 Detection method Diffraction grating scanning system
8 Operating temperature 10℃~30℃ non condensing